Integrated marketing

It’s important to remember that, in this increasingly digital world, traditional forms of marketing are still relevant and should form part of one integrated plan – not two separate plans. So often digital channels are seen as separate areas of expertise and communication; marketing cannot operate in a silo within a business and, similarly, traditional and digital marketing activity needs to share joined up thinking and a single vision. In this way you will ensure that there are relevant and co-ordinated messages for your customers to see online, in print and in your social media engagement.

Understanding how your customer interacts with your company and product and being fully conversant with all the different on- and offline channels which are relevant for your market segments is a good starting point.

Creating customer personas can be a fun way of involving and helping your whole team to understand your customers’ needs as well as being instrumental in assisting you to devise and implement an integrated communications strategy and plan.

Want to know more about buyer personas and integrated marketing? Feel free to contact me, I’d be delighted to work with you and share some tips.