Social media marketing

Every marketing plan needs to include social media marketing – often referred to in short as smm or, on Twitter and Facebook, as #smm! Social media has become the norm for so many people it crosses gender, age groups and international borders.

Which social media network is relevant for which audience will depend on many of the usual variables like demographics but also what mood your customer is in, what time of day it is and where they are at that moment.

The latter might also dictate what type of device is being used for social media engagement, for example a desktop PC at work, a smartphone on the train home or a tablet “companion screen” on the sofa in front of the TV.

There’s lots for marketers to think about here, what seems to be such an easy online tool – Facebook, Twitter etc – is actually quite complex, and understanding that complexity can deliver commercial results and establish desirable, lasting customer:brand relationships.

For all businesses, succeeding with social media marketing, like traditional marketing, is all about understanding your customer. Added to this must be skilled social media management engaging in the right places at the right times with empathy, enthusiasm and all important strategic direction.  The social networks themselves, used intelligently, can help brands to interact with their customers on a 1:1 basis and for the hospitality industry they now play a key part of the increasingly important reputation management.

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