Have you seen my article on Twitter in Boutique Hotelier?

Here’s my first article for the new monthly magazine Boutique Hotelier. I’m delighted to have been asked to write a series of articles for this exciting publication. With the growth of the boutique hotel niche sector in the hotel industry a new title, with a fresh outlook, is most welcome and the first few issues have focused on some interesting properties in the UK – view the current issue online.

For my first piece on social media in Boutique Hotelier I chose Twitter as my topic because it is seen by many as a social media “quick win”, yet real success only comes by following some sound digital marketing best practice and, therefore, it seemed to be a good starting point.

Social media activity is public for all to see, so my approach to writing for Boutique Hotelier’s Innovation section has been to look at social media in practice:  looking at who is doing what and identifying different properties, including boutique hotels, which are adopting some particularly good and often inspiring ideas.  From larger, nationally known concerns like @LeManoir and @HP_Hotels to independent properties including, quite local to me, @FelixCambridge there’s a spectrum of Twitter best practice which I’ve tried to share more widely with readers of this targeted magazine.

In this first article for the magazine on Twitter I’ve included a useful check list of points which are relevant for any business manager – not just those running a boutique hotel. I do hope you take a look at my piece and keep your eye out for more of my articles on social media in future issues. And, if you’re involved with the industry, why not subscribe? Check out the current free subscription offer on the home page.

If you’d like me to work with you on the social media activity and plans for your business, then please contact me for a no obligation discussion on 01992 55 85 73, send me an email or contact me via Twitter @caroleluck.


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