Where’s my Twitter feed?

Visits to various websites over recent weeks have caused me to alert their owners to the fact that the Twitter feed is missing. Twitter feed failure is a bit like running an old car, not knowing that your brake lights are not working and depending on passers-by, or the driver behind you in the traffic queue, alerting you to the fact that no light comes on when you brake!

Checking your website regularly is good marketing advice and much easier than checking the brake lights on an old car; the recent Twitter feed issues faced by many website owners demonstrate how important it is to stay close to your website’s needs! If, while you’ve been reading this blog, you’ve discovered your Twitter feed is missing from your home or designated pages on your own website, I can explain that this is due to Twitter changing its API from Version 1 to Version 1.1 on 13 June. This means any pre-installed Twitter feeds to your website are likely to have become broken.

The message here is always apply some TLC to your website, remember it’s a virtual but vital member of your team. 24/7 it welcomes guests to your business, shows them around and makes a personal introduction, to you, via your contact form. Your website tells you who called while you were out via Google Analytics and so much more. So stay close, show some love, refresh the copy, create some new internal links or write a blog – and make sure it lacks for nothing including your Twitter feed.

If you’re looking for more information about the recent loss of Twitter feeds, there’s a very good analysis on webdevdoor or simply visit this Twitter discussion page, or this overview page by Twitter or contact your website developer to ask for help. If you can’t find the information you are looking for, or if you’d like to know more about how you can provide a bit more TLC  to your website, make best use of social media and improve your online presence do please contact me, I’d love to help.

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