Twitter for your business

Twitter is just one of many social networking tools available to business, at best included in a communications plan if the strategic direction of that company suggests it is the right tool, but so often used in an ad hoc fashion without any clear direction or marketing objectives.

Many business owners, particularly those in the hospitality industry, have jumped onto the social media bandwagon to provide “reach” to customers – new and existing.  And this is no bad thing, attracted by the “free” cost of entry they see it as a no-cost and additional route to market yet it is so much more than that and not necessarily free.

Twitter and Facebook are often seen as the “quick wins” and, with its 140 character limit, Twitter presents itself as the least time consuming.  Appearances are often deceptive.  Twitter provides many vital and valuable customer-centric communication opportunities but these are so often missed by a lack of understanding of how to use Twitter for business.  If you have a Twitter profile for your business, take a look at your recent tweets and mentions and ask yourself  “Are we listening, engaging and sharing with our customers and the wider business community? We’ve joined the conversation but are we adding value?”

Businesses need to consider the different social media opportunities available to them, understand their own customers and choose the best social media tactic to deliver measurable results.  Yes, measurable results. Set clear objectives for your social media activity, agree the resources you can allocate to your social media engagement plan and individual campaigns and, over time, you can then measure the results.

Is Twitter right for your hospitality business? Chances are it is but are you achieving your social media objectives? If not, perhaps I can work with you on a communications plan – do contact me to find out more.

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